The Courtesan and the Samurai

The Shogun Quartet, Book 3

von Downer, Lesley   (Autor)

An epic story of forbidden love in a time of war by the author of The Last Concubine, one of the bestselling hardcover debuts of 2008.

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An epic story of forbidden love in a time of war by the author of THE LAST CONCUBINE. Japan 1868. Hana is just seventeen when her husband goes to war. When enemy soldiers attack her house she flees across Tokyo and takes refuge in the Yoshiwara, its famous pleasure-quarters. There she is forced to become a courtesan. Yozo, a brilliant swordsman, stands defeated. He makes his way south to the only place where a man is beyond the reach of the law - the Yoshiwara. There in the Nightless City they will meet and share terrible secrets. 


Vividly narrated...I believed in this engrossing story and felt my insides quake as Hana approached her inevitable fate Jonathan Mirsky THE SPECTATOR 


Lesley Downer's mother was Chinese and her father a professor of Chinese, so she grew up in a house full of books on Asia. But it was Japan, not China, that proved the more alluring, and she lived there for some fifteen years.

She has written many books about the country and its culture, including Geisha: The Secret History of a Vanishing World, and Madame Sadayakko: The Geisha who Seduced the West, and has presented television programmes on Japan for Channel 4, the BBC and NHK.

She lives in London with her husband, the author Arthur I. Miller, and still makes sure she goes to Japan every year. 

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Transworld Publishers Ltd

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Corgi Books

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Downer, Lesley


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KNO-SAMMLUNG: The Shogun Quartet Vol.3
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KNOABBVERMERK: 2010. 480 S. 198 mm
KNOSONSTTEXT: B-format paperback. 595311
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