The Way Home

Tales from a life without technology

von Boyle, Mark   (Autor)

It was 11pm when I checked my email for the last time and turned off my phone for what I hoped would be forever.

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An honest and lyrical account of living off grid for a year, revealing the joys and heartaches of building a home, learning to make fire, collecting water from the spring, foraging and fishing. 


'Boyle is fascinating, often touching and funny, on the little fixes that a no-technology life requires, but he's better when he digs into the deeper question of who we are.'
The Herald 


Boyle, Mark
Mark Boyle founded the 'freeconomy' movement in the UK. A former economics graduate and business director, he is a columnist for the Guardian and Ethical Consumer magazine and he has been interviewed by a variety of national media, including Sky News, BBC Radio Four, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Telegraph, and The Times. 

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Oneworld Publications

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Boyle, Mark


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