Around India in 80 Trains

One of the Independent's Top 10 Books about India

von Rajesh, Monisha   (Autor)

Crackles and sparks with life like exploding Diwali fireworks. - William Dalrymple Monisha Rajesh turns to a map of the Indian Railways and takes a page out of Jules Verne's classic tale, embarking on an adventure around India in 80 trains.

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'I love train trips and I love travelling around India. If you do too, then this book is a wonderful companion' Irvine Welsh

When she was a child, Monisha Rajesh's family uprooted to Madras in the hope of making India their home, but soon returned to England with a bitter taste in their mouths. Two decades on, Monisha turns to a map of the Indian Railways and takes a page out of Jules Verne's classic tale, embarking on an adventure around India in 80 trains, covering 40,000 km - the circumference of the Earth.

Her journey takes her on toy trains, luxury trains, Mumbai's infamous commuter trains and even a hospital on wheels. Along the way she meets a kaleidoscope of characters and discovers why the railways are considered the lifeline that keeps the country's heart beating. Most of all, she hopes that these 80 train journeys will lift the veil on a country that has become a stranger to her.

A great big lovely shambling train ride of a book' Giles Coren

'Beautifully written' The Sunday Telegraph 


A wonderfully wry and witty debut. Crackles and sparks with life like an exploding box of Diwali fireworks. 


Rajesh, Monisha
Monisha Rajesh is a British journalist whose writing has appeared in Time magazine, The New York Times, The Guardian and The Sunday Telegraph. Winner of the National Geographic Traveller Book of the Year, she was shortlisted for the Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year Award 2020. Monisha was born in Norfolk and mostly raised in Yorkshire - with a brief stint in Madras. She currently lives in London with her husband and two daughters.  

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Rajesh, Monisha


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