Itinerant Electron Magnetism: Fluctuation Effects

Fluctuation Effects

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Itinerant Electron Magnetism: Fluctuation Effects & Critical Phenomena, Moscow, Russia, September 15-19, 1997

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A summary of recent developments in theoretical and experimental studies of fluctuation effects in itinerant electron magnets, focusing on novel physical phenomena: soft-mode spin fluctuations and zero-point effects, strong spin anharmonicity, magnetic frustrations in metals, fluctuation effects in Invar alloys and low-dimensional systems. All of these may be important for novel high-technology applications. 


Preface. Spin Fluctuations in Itinerant Frustrated Systems; M. Shiga, H. Nakamura. Neutron Scattering and muSR Studies of Spin Fluctuations in Frustrated Itinerant Magnets; B.D. Rainford, et al. Critical Fluctuations and the Nature of the N‚el Transition Near the Triple Point in Chromium Alloys; E. Fawcett, D.R. Noakes. UPd2Al3: An Analysis of the Inelastic Neutron Scattering Spectra; N. Bernhoeft, et al. Anisotropy of the Generalized Susceptibility in Mn (38% Ni) Alloy in the Magnetic Phase Transition Region; J.J. Milczarek, et al. Pseudodipolar Interaction and Antiferromagnetism of R2CuO4 Compounds (R=Pr, Nd, Sm and Eu); S.V. Maleyev, et al. Soft-Mode Spin Fluctuations in Itinerant Electron Magnets; A. Solontsov, et al. Effects of Spin Fluctuations in Transition Metals and Alloys; M. Shimizu. The Temperature Dependence of the Enhanced Paramagnetic Susceptibility at Finite Magnetic Field; E. Pamyatnykh, et al. First-Principles Study of Itinerant-Electron Magnets: Ground State and Thermal Properties; L.M. Sandratskii, et al. Molecular Dynamics Approach to Complex Magnetic Structures in Itinerant-Electron Systems; Y. Kakehashi, et al. Spin Fluctuation Theory Versus Exact Calculations; V. Barar, et al. Magnetovolume Effect and Longitudinal Spin Fluctuations in Invar Alloys; A.Z. Menshikov, et al. High Temperature Thermal Expansion of RMn2 Intermetallic Compounds with Heavy Rare Earth Elements; I.S. Dubenko, et al. Magnetoelasticity and Isotope Effect in Ferromagnets; V.M. Zverev. Spin-Flop and Metamagnetic Transitions in Itinerant Ferrimagnets; A.K. Zvezdin, et al. The Phase Diagram of the Kondo Lattice; C. Lacroix. Pressure Effect on the Magnetic Susceptibility of the YbInCu4 andGdInCu4 Compounds; I.V. Svechkarev, et al. Atomic Volume Effect on Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties of UGa3 Compund; E. Grechnev, et al. On the Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Resistivity of Er0.55 Pds. /YY Pds. 0.45Co2; A.N. Pirogov, et al. Electrical Resistivity and Phase Transitions in FeRh Based Compounds: Influence of Spin Fluctuations; N.V. Baranov, et al. Resistivity, Magnetoresistance and Hall Effect in Co(100-x)(CuO)x(10≤x≤70 wt. %) Composites; V. Prudnikov, et al. Theory of Itinerant-Electron Spin-Glass in Amorphous Fe; T. Uchida, Y. Kakehashi. The Formation of the Magnetic Properties in Disordered Binary Alloys of Metal-Metalloid Type; A.K. Arzhnikov, L.V. Dobysheva. Itinerant Electrons and Superconductivity in Exotic Layered Systems; V.A. Ivanov, et al. The Multiband Analysis of the Electron Dispersion at the Top of the Valence Band in Undoped Cuprates; S.G. Ovchinnikov. Spin-Peierls Magnet CuGeO3; G.A. Petrakovskii. Electron Acoustic Effects in Metallic Magnetic Multilayers; V.I. Okulov, et al Author Index. Subject Index. 

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