Coastal Dunes
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Coastal Dunes (Kartoniert)

Ecology and Conservation

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Coastal dunes occur in almost every latitude - from tropical to polar - and have been substantially altered by human activities. Many are already severely and irreversibly degraded. Although these ecosystems have been studied for a long time (as early as 1835), there has been a strong emphasis on the mid-latitude dune systems and a lack of attention given to the tropics where, unfortunately, much of the modern exploitation and coastal development for tourism is occurring.This book brings together coastal dune specialists from tropical and temperate latitudes, which together cover a wide set of topics, including: geomorphology, community dynamics, ecophysiology, biotic interactions and environmental problems and conservation. A major product of this book is a set of recommendations for future research, identifying relevant topics where detailed knowledge is still lacking. It also identifies management tools that will promote and maintain the rich diversity of the dune environments in the context of continuing coastal development. 

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I What are Sand Dunes?
1. A perspective on coastal dunes. By Mart¡nez ML, Psuty NP and Lubke RA
2. The coastal foredune: a morphological basis for regional coastal dune development. By Psuty NP
3. Coastal dunes in the tropics and temperate regions: location, formation, morphology and vegetation processes. By Hesp PA

II The Flora and Fauna of Sanddunes
4. Temperate zone coastal dunes. By Wiedemann AM and Pickart AJ
5. Vegetation dynamics and succession in sand dunes of the eastern coasts of Africa. By Lubke RA
6. Coastal dune slacks. By Grootjans AP, Adema EB, Bekker RM and Lammerts EJ
7. Coastal dune forest rehabilitation: a case study on rodent and bird assemblages in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. By van Aarde RJ, Wassenaar TD, Niemand L, Knowles T and Ferreira S III Living in a Stressful Environment
8. Burial of plants as a selective force in sand dunes. By Maun MA
9. Physiological characteristics of coastal dune pioneer species from the Eastern Cape, South Africa, in relation to stress and disturbance. By Ripley BS and Pammenter NW10. Plant functional types in coastal dune habitats. By Garc¡a Novo F, D¡az Barradas MC, Zunzunegui M, Garc¡a Mora R and Gallego Fern ndez JB IV Biotic Interactions
11. Arbuscular mycorrhizas in coastal sand dunes. By Koske RE, Gemma JN, Corkidi L, Sigüenza C and Rinc¢n E
12. The role of algal mats on community succession in dunes and dune slacks. By V zquez G
13. Plant-plant interactions in coastal sand dunes. By Mart¡nez ML and Garc¡a-Franco JG
14. Ant-Plant interactions: their seasonal variation and effects on plant fitness. By Rico-Gray V, Oliveira PS, Parra-Tabla V, Cuautle M and D¡az-Castelazo C

V Environmental Problems and Conservation
15. Environmental problems and restoration measures in coastal sand dunes inthe Netherlands. By Kooijman AM
16. The costs of our coasts: examples of dynamic dune management from western Europe. By van der Meulen F, Bakker TWM and Houston JA
17. Animal life in sand dunes: from exploitation and prosecution to protection and monitoring. By Baeyens G and Mart¡nez ML
18. Coastal vegetation as indicators for conservation. By Espejel I, Ahumada B, Cruz Y and Heredia A
19. A case study of conservation and management of tropical sand dune systems: La Mancha-El Llano. By Moreno-Casasola P
20. European coastal dunes: ecological values, threats, opportunities and policy development. By Heslenfeld P, Jungerius PD and Klijn JA VI The Coastal Dune Paradox: Conservation vs. Exploitation?
21. The fragility and conservation of the world s coastal dunes: geomorphological, ecological and socioeconomic perspectives. By Mart¡nez ML, Maun MA and Psuty NP 

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