AWOL 4: Last Day on Earth

von Lane, Andrew   (Autor)

Young Bond meets Alex Rider and Cherub in this thrilling conclusion to the brilliantly written, fast-paced spy action series. All credibly delivered from somebody who knows all about counter-intelligence...

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The VR link Kieron and Bex rely on goes down, which means that all over England, all over the world, undercover agents are now working without support.

Bex flies out to an island off Tokyo to the secret satellite control centre, but discovers that it is guarded by robotic sentries. With Kieron's help she breaks in, but the alarm sounds.

Back home in Newcastle, Kieron discovers that a coalition of nationalist groups around the world have access to a poisonous chemical that can be activated by a simple radio signal. Hundreds of thousands of people could die - instantly.

Can they save the world - and will they both make it out alive?

High-octane action and fast-paced adventure - guaranteed 


A wonderful and highly enjoyable novel that is a fresh and exciting take on the teenage spy book and an excellent gateway into the world of spy thrillers The Unseen Library 


Lane, Andrew
Andrew Lane is a much-loved writer for teens and young adults. He is the author of the Young Sherlock Holmes series, which has been published in forty-four countries. He has also worked extensively in the extended universe of BBC TV's Doctor Who , and has written three adult crime novels under a pseudonym.

Before becoming a writer, Andrew spent twenty-seven years working for the Ministry of Defence on the fringes of the Intelligence and Counter-terrorism communities. He has been inside several classified intelligence headquarters in the UK and US (and not as a tourist). 

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Templar Publishing

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Star Trek

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Lane, Andrew


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