Principles of Development

von Wolpert, Lewis / Tickle, Cheryll / Martinez Arias, Alfonso   (Autor)

All the key principles of developmental biology that students need to know, underpinned by experimental evidence, and an exploration of the molecular basis of the subject.

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How does a single cell develop into myriad different specialised cell types, control the organization of these different cells into tissues and organs, and ultimately form an unimaginably complex living organism such as a human? Furthermore, how is it possible for some adult animals, but not others, to regenerate fully functioning limbs?

Principles of Development opens up the fascinating field of developmental biology to those wanting to understand the answers to questions such as these. Cutting edge science is explained clearly and succinctly and is richly illustrated with a variety of custom drawn figures, animations, and links to online movies that show development happening in real time.

The emphasis throughout the text is always on the key principles of development - the underlying processes shared by diverse groups of organisms. This focus on principles provides a framework on which a richer understanding of specific topics can be built. Moreover, extensive pedagogical support is provided, both in the book and online, making this text the complete package for those studying developmental biology.

Online Resources

For students:
-Test your understanding with multiple choice questions and answer guidance to long-answer questions from the book
-Gain a three dimensional perspective of development by watching the movies of developing model organisms
-View the signalling pathway animations to see these complex processes broken down step by step
-Expand your knowledge and guide your studies with the suggested web activities
- Examine and interpret raw data obtained by Cheryll Tickle and members of her laboratory and presented in silico

For registered adopters of the text:
-Download the figures from the book to use in lectures and hand-outs
-Help your students delve into the research literature with the Journal Club-Download the test bank or import it into your VLE
-PowerPoint of In silico practicals to use in class 


An extremely well written book that explains the major developmental concepts and processes in a clear and concise manner, approachable to students. I find the provision of in silico practical activities and on-line journal club supported by lecturer notes extremely helpful for my teaching. Together with on-line MCQs, I use these to test the students' knowledge and help them develop deep understanding and enthusiasm for the subject. Dr Aida Rajic, University of Suffolk 


Lewis Wolpert is Emeritus Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine, in the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London, London, UK. He is the author of The Triumph of the Embryo, A Passion for Science, The Unnatural Nature of Science, and Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Cheryll Tickle is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath, Bath, UK

Alfonso Martinez Arias is Professor of Developmental Mechanics at the University of Cambridge, UK 


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