20 Questions about Youth and the Media | Revised Edition

The revised edition of 20 Questions about Youth and the Media is an updated and comprehensive guide to today's most compelling issues in the study of children, tweens, teens and the media.

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The revised edition of 20 Questions about Youth and the Media is an updated and comprehensive guide to today's most compelling issues in the study of children, tweens, teens and the media. The editors bring together leading experts to answer the kinds of questions an undergraduate student might ask about the relationship between young people and media. In so doing, the book addresses a range of media, from cartoons to the Internet, from advertising to popular music, and from mobile phones to educational television. The diverse array of topics include government regulation, race and gender, effects (both prosocial and risky), kids' use of digital media, and the commercialization of youth culture. This book is designed with the undergraduate youth/children and media classroom in mind, and features accessible writing and end-of-chapter discussion questions and exercises. 


Illustration - Acknowledgments - Ellen Wartella: Introduction: Sometimes Things Do Change: Children and Media Studies Today - Part 1: The Players: Corporations, Government, Parents and Child Advocacy Organizations and Scholars - J. Alison Bryant: How Has the Kids' Media Industry Evolved? - Alison Alexander and Keisha L. Hoerrner: How Does the U.S. Government Regulate Children's Media? - Sharon R. Mazzarella: Why Is Everybody Always Pickin' on Youth? Moral Panics about Youth, Media, and Culture - Sherri Hope Culver: How Are the Needs of Children Considered in Children's Media? - Renee Hobbs: What Is Media Literacy Education? - Cyndy Scheibe: Piaget and Pok‚mon: What Can Theories of Developmental Psychology Tell Us about Children and Media? - Dafna Lemish: How Do Researchers Study Young People and the Media? - Part 2: The Concerns: Media Use, Content, and Effects - Erica Scharrer: Should We Be Concerned about Media Violence? - Sahara Byrne: Is Media Use Really Risky for Young People? - Nancy A. Jennings: Why Do Kids Think Dora the Explorer Is Their Friend? - Rebecca C. Hains and Kyra Hunting: What Do Television and Film Teach Kids about Gender? - Jessica Taylor Piotrowski: Is Educational Media an Oxymoron? - Rebecca N. H. de Leeuw and Moniek Buijzen: Can Media Contribute to Happiness in Children and Adolescents? - Matthew A. Lapierre and Chelsie Akers: Are Children Buying What Marketers Are Selling? - Part 3: The Kids: Youth, Culture and Media - Matthew P. McAllister and Azeta Hatef: Just How Commercialized Is Children's Culture? - Susannah R. Stern and Olivia A. Gonzalez: How Are Internet Practices Embedded in Teens' Everyday Lives? - Sun Sun Lim and Yang Wang: H ow Are Young People Connecting with Their Families through Mobile Communication? - Valerie Steeves: Snoops, Bullies and Hucksters: What Rights Do Young People Have in a Networked Environment? - Vikki S. Katz: How Do Social Differences Influence Young People's Media Experiences? - Divya McMillin: How Do We Move Toward a Global Youth Media Studies? Contributors. 

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