Training and Racing with a Power Meter

von Allen, Hunter / Coggan, Andrew R. / McGregor, Stephen   (Autor)

The third edition of Training and Racing with a Power Meter offers a critical update to cycling's most important and widely used training tool.

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Training and Racing with a Power Meter brings the advanced power-based training techniques of elite cyclists and triathletes to everyone.

A power meter can unlock more speed and endurance than any other training tool-but only if you understand the data. This new third edition of Training and Racing with a Power Meter updates the comprehensive guide that was last published almost 10 years ago. Using this updated guide, any rider can exploit the incredible usefulness of any power meter.

Pioneering cycling coach Hunter Allen and exercise physiologists Dr. Andy Coggan and Stephen McGregor show how to use a power meter to find your baseline power data, profile your strengths and weakness, measure fitness and fatigue, optimize your daily workouts, peak for races, and set and adjust your racing strategy during a race.

New in this third edition:

All-new power metrics: FRC, Pmax, mFTP, Power Duration Curve, and more
Two new power-based training plans for masters cyclists and triathletes
New training plans to raise Functional Threshold Power
Over 100 new power-based workouts
New guidance for triathletes on pacing the bike and run
New case studies on masters cyclists and triathletes
Methods to test power duration and pinpoint weaknesses in a variety of race distances
100 newly illustrated charts

Training and Racing with a Power Meter, 3rd Ed. is the definitive, comprehensive guide to using a power meter. Armed with the revolutionary techniques from this guide, cyclists and triathletes can achieve lasting improvements and their best performances ever. 


Foreword by Joe Friel




Why Train with Power?

Power Tools

Power-Based Training: Where to Begin?

Determining Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Using Power for Optimal Workouts

Interpreting the Data

Beyond Average Power

Shifting to the Power Duration Model

Using Power to Manage Performance

Developing a Power-Based Training Plan

Tracking Changes in Your Fitness

A Powerful Triathlete

Racing Faster with a Power Meter

Power for Other Disciplines: Cyclocross, Track, Ultra-Endurance

Epilogue: Putting It All Together


Appendix: Workout Guide



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