I Can Do It 2019 Calendar: 365 Daily Affirmations

365 Daily Affirmations

von Hay, Louise L.   (Autor)

A collection of uplifting affirmations from New York Times bestselling author Louise L. Hay in her 2019 I Can Do It(R) Calendar. Louise was renowned for her spiritual teachings and messages of inspiration and hope. In this calendar, she offers a daily affirmation, positive thought or words of wisdom to launch them into their best year yet.

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It is 2019, a year for fun! It is time to rejoice, as you welcome the love, joy, success, and wellness that you deserve with Louise Hay's I CAN DO IT© 2019 Calendar. Each of the 365 positive thoughts, affirmations, and words of wisdom contained within is matched with colorful designs to help you focus on that I can do it attitude and open up to all the abundance that Life has in store for you.

Louise Hay, author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, was an inspirational teacher with more than 50 million books in print worldwide. For over 30 years, she helped people discover their full potential for personal growth and self-healing. 


Hay, Louise
Louise L. Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher, and the bestselling author of 27 books, including You Can Heal Your Life and Empowering Women.

Her works have been translated into 25 different languages in 33 countries throughout the world. Since beginning her career as a Science of Mind minister in 1981, she has assisted thousands of people in discovering and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing.

Louise is the owner and founder of Hay House, Inc. 

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Hay, Louise L.


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