The Strip-Built Sea Kayak: Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You Can Build

Three Rugged, Beautiful Boats You Can Build

von Schade, Nick   (Autor)

Although books on strip building canoes abound, this is among the first to adapt the technique to crafting attractive, functional kayaks. Using high-quality, computer-generated illustrations and photographs to explain key techniques, the book provides complete plans and measurements for three different kayaks: 1) A simple solo craft for beginners, 2) ...

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Strip-building--assembling a pile of thin wood strips into a functional hull--has been a popular canoe-building method for many years. Now boatbuilder Nick Schade, an engineer by training and a self-professed sea kayaking addict, has refined this time-tested method to build the more complex shapes of sea kayaks. The method is simple, forgiving, allows a liberal amount of design flexibility, and requires a minimum number of tools. It's also relatively inexpensive: about $500 to $600 for one of the designs discussed here--one-quarter the price of a factory-built model. In The Strip-Built Sea Kayak, Schade presents full plans for three elegant designs inspired by the grace and seaworthiness of the Inuit and Aleut skin boats. Profusely illustrated instructions provide the details that will guide you through the process. A complete novice will be able to construct a finished kayak after reading nothing but this book. And for an experienced builder, the techniques here can be expanded to create the perfect boat for you. Strip-building is the most flexible, forgiving, and attractive way to build a small wood boat. Professional sea kayak builder Nick Schade presents complete plans and measurements for three kayaks: Great Auk, a fast, stable, comfortable single for beginners Guillemot, a beautiful, high-performance single for intermediate and skilled paddlers Guillemot Double, a spacious kayak for two Here's all the information you'll need to build a sturdy, elegant sea kayak, from setting up shop to making a paddle. 


Acknowledgments Introduction Part I The Background 1 Why Build A Kayak? Why Use Wood? Why Use Strips? 2 How Design Affects Performance Stability The Importance of Speed Maneuverability and Tracking Volume, or Interior Size Choosing the Right Boat Some Proven Designs 3 Tools and Materials Tools Materials 4 Lofting Offsets for the Hull Forms Offsets for the End Forms Drawing the Patterns Making Small Changes Part II The Building Process 5 Getting Started Where to Build Cutting the Strips Cutting Forms The Strongback Aligning Forms 6 Building the Hull & Deck Stripping the Hull Stripping the Deck Finishing the Ends Fairing 7 Fiberglassing and Finishing Fiberglassing The Coaming Up Making the Hatches Installing Cheek Plates Joining Hull and Deck Using a Sheerclamp Finishing Off 8 Artistic Creation Patterns from Strips Dotted Lines Dressing Up the Surface Part III After It's Done 9 Fitting Out The Seat Footbraces Knee and Thigh Braces Bulkheads Deck Lines Hatch Gaskets Grab-Loops Rudders 10 And a Paddle to Match Making the Shaft Making the Blades Rounding the Shaft Fiberglassing the Paddle Variations on a Theme Tools for Paddles Materials for Paddles 11 Maintenance and Repairs Yearly Wear and Tear Bad Scratches Dealing with Bruises Patching Holes Part IV Appendices A-1 Materials List A-2 Material & Tool Sources Wood Glass and Resin Outfitting and Tools Books A-3 Sources of Plans A-4 Custom Designing Designing Your Own Boat Stealing Designs Modifying a Design Moving the Cockpit Last Warning A-5 English and Metric Conversion Factors A-6 Safety Dangers in the Shop On the Water A-7 Glossary A-8 Bibliography Index 

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