The Law of Desire
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The Law of Desire (Gebunden)

On Lacan's 'Kant with Sade'

von Nobus, Dany

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Beschreibung zu "The Law of Desire"  (Buch)

This book offers the first comprehensive discussion of Lacan's Kant with Sade , an essay widely recognised as one of his most important and difficult texts. Here, the reader will find a detailed roadmap for each section of the essay, including clarifications of the allusions, implicit borrowings and references in Lacan's text, unique insights into the essay's publication history, and a critical assessment of its reception. The author expertly defines key terms, explains complex theoretical arguments, and contextualises the work within a larger philosophical discourse. No prior knowledge of Lacan, Kant or Sade is assumed, allowing both newcomers and those who are well-versed in psychoanalysis, philosophy, and literary criticism to benefit from the book. This engaging book clears the path for a long overdue re-discovery and a proper appreciation of one of Lacan's most challenging works, inspiring a renewed debate on the significance of Lacanian psychoanalysis for moral philosophy and literary theory. 

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Introduction.- 1. A New Ethical System.- 2. Lacan Reads Kant.- 3. Sade's Kantian Maxim.- 4. Regarding the Pain of Others.- 5.Ineluctable Libertine Pleasures.- 6. The Sadean Fantasy.- 7. Surely, it is Just a Fantasy!.- 8. Sade's Practical Reason.- 9. The Law Sustains Desire.- 10. Sade Against Kant.- 11. The Moral Principle of Desire.- 12. Desire and Happiness.- 13. Lacan Against Sade.- 14. Some More Effort .- Conclusion. 

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