Runes, Orion Plain and Simple

von Farnell, Kim   (Autor)

A practical guide on how to make your own set of runes and how to interpret them.

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A practical guide on how to make your own set of runes and how to interpret them.

Runes are alphabet letters or characters that have been used for thousands of years as a form of communication and divination. This book, written by an authority on divination systems, shows readers how to make their own set of runes and how to interpret them.

Topics covered include:

ú A brief overview of runes, from Etruscan times to the present
ú A summary of the myths and lore that inform runic wisdom
ú Definitions of the basic rune symbols
ú Instructions on how to read the runes and rune spreads
ú An introduction to runic magic

In the past 25 years using runes as a divination tool has become increasingly popular. This accessible guide presents each letter of the runic alphabet in detail with its origins and magical uses and helps seekers tap into their energy. From making your own runes (and a bag to protect them) to reading the ancient alphabet, casting the runes and interpreting the spread, all the basics are laid out in a clear, easy-to-follow and superbly illustrated fashion which is perfect for beginners. 


Recent films (Thor) and TV shows (Vikings) have created interest in ancient Scandinavian culture.

These books are written in a style accessible to everyone, assuming no prior knowledge of their respective topics.

Authors are all well-known MBS professionals, including a former President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society and columnists with major magazines and newspapers.

Each book provides a practical and thorough introduction to its subject matter and has the potential to become the authoritative guide for beginners.

Kim Farnell has been a professional astrologer since 1990 and has taught astrology and lectured extensively in the UK and overseas. She was previously the Vice Chair of the Astrological Association of Great Britain and has been the editor of its newsletter, Transit. She has, also, written sun sign columns for a number of magazines and websites.

The series covers a wide and varied range of MBS topics and aims to become the go-to brand for people eager to learn more about spirituality, the occult and alternative therapies. 

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Orion Publishing Co

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Star Trek

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Farnell, Kim


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Sprache: Englisch

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