Urban Cycling

von Belando, Laurent   (Autor)

Get under the skin of the cycling revolution with this fascinating anthology of modern cycle culture.

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Cycling is taking over the city streets.

From BMX gangs to vintage obsessives, track racers to diehard fixie fans, the urban environment is awash with cyclists. Urban Cycling delves into the cycling culture of the modern city, showcasing the many tribes and subcultures, and helping to find the cycle style that's right for you.Featuring:
- The different types of city bike, from the single speed to the lowrider
- The styles, tribes and subcultures of urban cycling, from freestyle to city racing
- Personal profiles of over 50 cycling obsessives from all walks of life - and their kit
- How to choose your bike - technical specifications and tips
- Information on events and activities to get involved in 


The popularity of cycling is on the rise - the number of cyclists in London has more than doubled since 2001, and more than tripled in New York 

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Octopus Publishing Group

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Belando, Laurent


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