Contemporary Security Studies
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Contemporary Security Studies (Kartoniert)

von Collins, Alan

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Beschreibung zu "Contemporary Security Studies"  (Buch)

Contemporary Security Studies is the definitive introduction to Security Studies, focussing on the key theoretical approaches and most important issues that dominate the modern security agenda. With an expert team of leading scholars providing unmatched depth of coverage, this is the most relevant, up-to-date guide to the subject available.

Contemporary Security Studies is the definitive introduction to Security Studies, providing the most accessible, up-to-date guide to the subject available. Bringing together leading scholars in the field, it features an impressive breadth and depth of coverage of the different theoretical approaches to the study of security and the ever-evolving range of issues that dominate the security agenda in the 21st Century. Throughout the text, students are encouraged to question their own preconceptions and assumptions, and to use their own judgement to critically evaluate key approaches and ideas. To help them achieve this, each chapter is punctuated with helpful learning features including 'key ideas', 'think points' and case studies, demonstrating the real world applications and implications of the theory.In addition to covering a wide range of topical security issues, from terrorism and inter-state armed conflict to cybersecurity, health, and transnational crime, the fourth edition features a new chapter on postcolonialism and expanded coverage of critical security studies. The book is supported by an Online Resource Centre designed to help students take their learning further.For students: - Explore relevant security issues in greater depth with additional online case studies.- Test your understanding of the key ideas and themes in each chapter with self-marking multiple-choice questions.For registered lecturers: - Use the adaptable PowerPoint slides as the basis for lecture presentations, or as hand-outs in class. 

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Erschienen:  Dezember 2015
Auflage:  4th Edition
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› Collins, Alan
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› Oxford University Press
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Students appreciate this textbook, and for good reason. It provides a clear introduction to the major theories of international security, as well as a useful range of empirical content to bridge the study of traditional and non-traditional threats. Frank L. Smith III, University of Sydney 

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Alan Collins is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Swansea University. 

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