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Beschreibung zu "EU - ASEAN"  (eBook)

Economic globalisation is a long-term international process in which the roles of the EU, ASEAN, Korea, Japan and China are of increasing importance. Trade dynamics and foreign investment, as well as regional policy cooperation in Europe and Asia, are discussed here along with historical developments. Moreover, the book highlights links between European Community law and WTO regulations. The key challenges posed by China's economic expansion are part of the analysis; specific issues concern international outsourcing and off-shoring as well as regional economic integration in a period of financial globalisation. Based on historical dynamics, theoretical analysis and global shifts, policy solutions for Europe, Asia and the world economy can be arrived at: The book offers clear policy options and also reveals crucial issues in terms of the welfare analysis of regional integration. 

Medium:  eBook
Format:  PDF
Sprache:  Englisch
Erschienen:  Dezember 2008
Auflage:  2009
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ISBN-10:  3540873899
ISBN-13:  978-3540873891

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Structural Change, Growth and Bazaar Effects in the Single EU Market.- Political
Cooperation Between the EU and ASEAN: Searching for a Long-Term Agenda and Joint
Projects.- The Trade and Aid Policy of the European Union: A Historical
Perspective.- The Process of Economic Integration in ASEAN+3: From Free Trade
Area to Monetary Cooperation or Vice Versa?- Financial Market Integration and
Growth in the EU.- Toward East Asian Economic Integration: Classification of the
ASEAN+3 Economies Using Fuzzy Clustering Approach.- Further Evidence of the
Impact of Foreign Bank Presence in Thailand.- ASEAN and India: A Mutually
Strengthening Paradigm/Vision.- The Outward Investment of China: Causes and
Consequences.- Reflections on the EU Constitutional Crisis.- European Community
Law and WTO Regulations: The Direct Effect-Doctrine Revisited.- Outsourcing and
Offshoring Strategies of Multinational Companies in Asia.- Regional Economic
Integration, Mergers and FDI: Welfare and Policy Implications for ASEAN. 

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