Pediatric and Adolescent Osteosarcoma

As well as a historical review of the nature of osteosarcoma and the conflicted history of its treatment, this volume details its epidemiology and etiology, and provides chapters on pathology and radiologic characteristics, surgical therapy, and metastases.

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Pediatric and Adolescent Osteosarcoma provides a historical review of the nature of osteosarcoma and the conflict that accompanied the introduction of adjuvant therapy for osteosarcoma culminating in accepted and prevailing methods of current therapy. It outlines concepts in Epidemiology and Etiology, and provides chapters on pathology and radiologic characteristics of osteosarcoma, surgical therapy tailored specifically for treatment of primary tumors in pediatric/adolescent age group, treatment of pulmonary and extra pulmonary metastases and complications, as well as the role of radiation therapy. The volume concludes with a review of differences and similarities in the management of osteosarcoma in adults as compared to pediatrics / adolescents and new laboratory and animal investigations currently in progress to develop effective diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to improve the outcome.
In essence the scope and intensive coverage of the book provides a historical perspective of the advances made over the past 30 years and emerging concepts and prospects for new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. This is based upon past experiences and new discoveries. It also provides a unique opportunity for pediatric and adult medical oncologists, physicians in training, orthopedic surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, radiotherapists, oncology nurses and allied professionals involved in the care of pediatric/adolescent patients with osteosarcoma to become acquainted with prevailing methods of treatment and new and evolving concepts and developments. 


From the reviews: "One of the monographs in the Cancer Treatment and Research series ... reproduces papers given at a symposium on osteosarcoma held at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in March 2008. ... appeal to those few oncologists, orthopedists, or radiation therapists who are actively involved in the treatment of patients with osteosarcoma. ... The information is well presented and conforms to generally known and accepted current therapy. ... can be used as a quick source of good and thorough basic information." (Robert M. Arensman, Doody's Review Service, January, 2010) 

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KNO-SAMMLUNG: Cancer Treatment and Research Vol.152
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KNOSONSTTEXT: Previously published in hardcover
KNOMITARBEITER: Herausgegeben von Jaffe, Norman; Bruland, Oyvind S.; Bielack, Stefan
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Auflage: 2010
Sprache: Englisch
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