Network Marketing For Dummies

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Network Marketing For Dummies covers everything you need to understand in the world of network marketing and how to be successful with it. Expert author, Zig Ziglar, discusses the difference between network marketing and multi-level marketing, who s getting involved in network marketing, secrets of the winners, getting started, and more.

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Network marketing has helped people all over the world achieve financial independence-and it can help you do the same. As a profession, network marketing invites all people, regardless of gender, experience, education, or financial status, to jump on board and build a satisfying and potentially lucrative business. If you want to improve your current financial situation and are ready to become your own boss, then networking marketing is the way to go.
Whether you want to work full-time or part-time; whether you dream of earning a few hundred dollars a month or thousands of dollars a month, Network Marketing For Dummies can show you how to get started in this business within a matter of days. If you're currently involved in network marketing, this book is also valuable as both a reference source and a refresher course.

Network marketing is a system for distributing goods and services through networks of thousands of independent salespeople, or distributors. With Network Marketi ng For Dummies as your guide, you'll become familiar with this system and figure out how to build revenue, motivate your distributors, evaluate opportunities, and grab the success you deserve in this field. You'll explore important topics, such as setting up a database of prospects and creating loyal customers. You'll also discover how to:

Get set up as a distributor
Develop a comprehensive marketing plan
Recruit, train, and motivate your network
Maximize downline income
Take your marketing and sales skills to a higher level
Cope with taxes and regulations
Avoid common pitfalls Packed with tips on overcoming common start-up hurdles as well as stories from more than fifty successful network marketers, Network Marketing For Dummies will show you how to approach this opportunity so that you can begin to build a successful and satisfying business of your own. 


PART I: Why Network Marketing Works.
Chapter 1: Don't Laugh - $100 Billion a Year Is Serious Business.
Chapter 2: Coming of Age: The Future Belongs to Network Marketing.
Chapter 3: Deciding Whether Network Marketing Will Work for You.
PART II: Finding and Evaluating the Opportunities.
Chapter 4: Investigating Before You Invest.
Chapter 5: Evaluating Network Marketing Companies.
Chapter 6: Evaluating a Company's Management Team.
Chapter 7: Evaluating a Company's Products and Services.
Chapter 8: Evaluating Your Opportunity to Earn Money.
PART III: Signing Up and Setting Up for Success.
Chapter 9: Organizing Your Business.
Chapter 10: Knowing What to Do After You Sign Up.
Chapter 11: Sponsoring, Training, and Motivating People in Your Downline.
PART IV: Sales and Marketing Skills to Help You Build Your Business.
Chapter 12: Know Thy Customer.
Chapter 13: Determining a Customer's Value.
Chapter 14: The Art of Prospecting.
Chapter 15: When the Prospect Says Yes, You Shout ... "Hallelujah!".
Chapter 16: Deciding On the Best Ways to Attract Customers.
Chapter 17: Marketing Activities 101.
Chapter 18: "But I Don't Want to Be a Salesperson!".
Chapter 19: Taking Your Sales Skills to a Higher Level.
Chapter 20: Creating Satisfied, Loyal Customers.
PART V: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 21: Ten Plus Two Resources for Network Marketers.
Chapter 22: Ten Characteristics of Top Network Marketers.
Chapter 23: Ten Business-Enhancing Ideas.
Chapter 24: Ten Questions That You'll Probably Ask about Network Marketing.
Chapter 25: Ten Ways to Get a Quick Start in Network Marketing.
Appendix: Glossary of Terms.
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