River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics
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River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics (Gebunden)

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Beschreibung zu "River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics"  (Buch)

This book collects review papers on most of the topics covered by the invited lecturers at the IAHR Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morpho dynamics, held in Genova (Italy) on September 6th-10th, 1999. The above meeting was conceived and organized with the aim to emphasize the unity of the subject of morphodynamics and the role played by cross-fertilization in its recent development. The publication of this book has been possible thanks to the efforts of sev eral scientists who have accepted to act as referees and helped us reviewing the submitted papers. Let us thank Aronne Armanini, Rolf Deigaard, Gian paolo Di Silvio, Rob Ettema, David Furbish, Marcelo Garcia, Yarko Niiio, Joshua Roering, Yasuharu Shimizu, John Sleath, Marcel Stive, Ed Thornton, Marco Tubino, Huib De Vriend and Guido Zolezzi. Grateful thanks are also due to Tina d' Agostino who has done a consid erable amount of editorial work and to Maurizio Brocchini who has managed the whole process. Along with the Proceedings of the IAHR Symposium, the present vol ume represents one of the outcomes of the activities of the Italian research group 'Morfodinamica Fluviale e Costiera', coordinated by G. Seminara and cofunded by the Italian Ministry of Scientific Research and by various Italian Universities. 

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From the contents:
- Perspectives in Morphodynamics
- Sediment Entrainment and Transport in Complex Flows
- Alluvial Roughness in Streams with Dunes: A Boundary-Layer Approach
- The Use of Numerical Models in Coastal Hydrodynamics and Morphology
- Process of Occurrence, Flow and Deposition of Viscous Debris Flow
- Transverse Slope of Bed and Turbid-Clear Water Interface of Channelized Turbidity Currents Flowing Around Bends
- Pattern Formation in the Nearshore
- Long-Term Morphological Prediction
- River and Tidal Networks 

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