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The Science of Vehicle Dynamics

Handling, Braking, and Ride of Road and Race Cars

von Guiggiani, Massimo   (Autor)

This book depicts vehicle handling features, showing that several classic concepts, such as the understeer gradient or the roll axis, are either wrong or inadequate and in need of replacement. Introduces the new concept of Map of Achievable Performance.

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This textbook covers handling and performance of both road and race cars. Mathematical models of vehicles are developed always paying attention to state the relevant assumptions and to provide explanations for each step. This innovative approach provides a deep, yet simple, analysis of the dynamics of vehicles. The reader will soon achieve a clear understanding of the subject, which will be of great help both in dealing with the challenges of designing and testing new vehicles and in tackling new research topics.

The book deals with several relevant topics in vehicle dynamics that are not discussed elsewhere and this new edition includes thoroughly revised chapters, with new developments, and many worked exercises.

Praise for the previous edition:

Great book! It has changed drastically our approach on many topics. We are now using part of its theory on a daily basis to constantly improve ride and handling performances.

--- Antonino Pizzuto, Head of Chassis Development Group at Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center

Astonishingly good! Everything is described in a very compelling and complete way. Some parts use a different approach than other books.

--- Andrea Quintarelli, Automotive Engineer 


Introduction.- Mechanics of the Wheel with Tire.- Vehicle Model for Handling and Performance.- Braking Performance.- The Kinematics of Cornering.- Handling of Road Cars.- Handling of Race Cars.- Ride Comfort and Road Holding.- Handling with Roll Motion.- Tire Models. 


Massimo Guiggiani is professor of Applied Mechanics at the Universit… di Pisa, Italy, where he also teaches Vehicle Dynamics in the MS degree program in Vehicle Engineering. 

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Springer-Verlag GmbH

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Guiggiani, Massimo


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