Health, Technologies, and Politics in ...
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Health, Technologies, and Politics in Post-Soviet Settings (Gebunden)

Navigating Uncertainties

von Springer-Verlag GmbH

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Beschreibung zu "Health, Technologies, and Politics in Post-Soviet Settings"  (Buch)

This book uses a variety of empirical cases on topics including drug development, egg donation, and governance of healthcare facilities, to investigate how actors navigate the uncertainties that permeate the interfaces of health, technologies, and politics in post-Soviet settings and what the implications of their chosen navigation routes are. Contemporary societies are imbued with uncertainties, but the authors focus on settings where uncertainties multiply, making decisions, practises, and relations in everyday life precarious. Two worlds are brought into dialogue throughout the chapters of this book with the aim of facilitating mutual learning from one another - the world of science and technology studies (STS) and the high-income liberal democracies of the West, on one hand, and studies of post-socialism on the other. In so doing, this book encourages critical learning on ensuring the resilience of individual and societal health in situations of profound uncertainties. This timely collection will be of great interest to scholars, practitioners and policy makes in the fields of sociology, biomedicine, political science and public and global health. 

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Chapter 1. Introduction. Dealing With Multiple Uncertainties In Post-Soviet Health, Technologies, And Politics; Olga Zvonareva, Klasien Horstman.- Chapter 2. Flirting With The Market. The Early Soviet Government And The Private Provision Of Health Care, 1917-1932; Pavel Vasilyev.- Chapter 3. (Re)Imagining The Nation? Boosting Local Drug Development In Contemporary Russia; Olga Zvonareva.- Chapter 4. Risky Economies: Innovation Of Medical Devices In Russia; Evgenia Popova.- Chapter 5. Medico-Economic Standards In Russia. Balancing Legal Requirements And Patients Needs; Alena Kamenshchikova.- Chapter 6. Introducing 'Natural' Childbirth In Russian Hospitals. Midwives' Institutional Work; Ekaterina Borozdina.- Chapter 7. Ova Exchange Practises At A Moscow Fertility Clinic: Gift Or Commodity?; Alexandra Kurlenkova.- Chapter 8. Innovating Health-Care Governance In Ukraine: Formal And Informal Practises; Tetiana Stepurko, Paolo Carlo Belli.- Chapter 9. Radiation Science After The Cold War. The Politics Of Measurements, Risks, And Compensation In Kazakhstan; Susanne Bauer.- Epilogue; Klasien Horstman, Olga Zvonareva. 

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Olga Zvonareva, is a Research Fellow in the Department of Health, Ethics and Society at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. She also holds visiting position in Siberian State Medical University and leads the Social Studies of Health and Medicine track in the Centre for Policy Analysis and Studies of Technology, National Research Tomsk State University, Russia. Evgeniya Popova, is Director of the Centre for Policy Analysis and Studies of Technology, and Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, National Research Tomsk State University, Russia. Klasien Horstman, is a Professor of Philosophy of Public Health and leading the research program Inequity, Participation, Globalisation of the Care and Public Health Research Institute CAPHRI, Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

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