Advancing Multicultural Dialogues in Education
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Advancing Multicultural Dialogues in Education (Gebunden)

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Beschreibung zu "Advancing Multicultural Dialogues in Education"  (Buch)

This edited collection advances the call for continued multicultural dialogues within education. Dialogue and education are the two most essential tools that can help tackle some of the biggest problems we are facing across the globe, including fanaticism, chauvinistic nationalism, religious fundamentalism and racism. The contributors to this book explore the necessity of sustained dialogue within the wider social and political sciences alongside in national and international politics, where more multicultural voices need to be heard in order to make progress. The book builds on existing evidence and literature to advocate in favour of this movement, and highlights how important and significant multiculturalism and multicultural education remains. It will be essential reading for students and academics working in the fields of education and sociology, particularly those with an interest in social justice and multiculturalism. 

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Introduction; Richard Race.- Eurocentrism, Modern Childhood and Children's Globalised Lives; David Blundell.- Cultural Diversity, Social Cohesion and Global Migration Flows; Dorrie Chetty.- Misrepresentation: A Qualitative Study on Discourses on Islam, British Values and Identity Affect British Muslim Pupils in Bradford and East London; Tait Coles & Nasima Hassan.- The Teaching and Learning of Chinese in Primary Schools in England: Developing a New Learning Approach to Support Intercultural Understanding; Fotini Diamantidaki & Katherine Carruthers.- Schooling Activism: Forms of Political Participation of Young Migrants in Italian Secondary Schools; Federico Farini.- Greek Roma in Higher Education: Perceptions and Experiences of Educational Success; Panagiota Gkofa.- A Dialogic Model of Education: The Example of Gullen's Education Model; Fatih Isik &Omer Sener.- Face to Faith: A Global Dialogue Programme for Young People; Ian Jamison.- Success and Multiculturalism: Predictable Features and Futures for Immigrant Students in Finnish Schools?; Heidi Layne, Fred Dervin & Rita Johnson Longfor.- The Need for Dialogue in the Strategies to Combat Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Contemporary Scotland; Stephen J. Mckinney.- Teaching and Learning Cross-Cultural British History in the Primary School Classroom; Marlon Moncrieffe.- Multicultural Dialogues in Music Education Classrooms; Oscar Odena.- Advancing Australian Multicultural Dialogues in Education; Richard Race.- Let's Talk About 'Culture' in Multiculturalism and Early Years Policy; Leena Robertson.- Advancing the Dialogue: Naming White Supremacy and Patriarchy as Power Blocs in Education; Shirley Steinberg.- Researching Interrelations of Formal and Informal Learning in Early Adolescence Form a Critical Race Perspective; Anke Wischmann.- Politics and Policy Changes in Minority Education in China: The Case of Xinjiang; Fei Yan & Geoff Whitty. 

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Richard Race is Senior Lecturer in Education at Roehampton University, UK. He is co-editor of Advancing Race and Ethnicity in Education with Professor Vini Lander. 

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