Principles: Life and Work
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Principles: Life and Work (Gebunden)

von Dalio, Ray

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Medium:  Buch
Seiten:  592
Format:  Gebunden
Sprache:  Englisch
Erschienen:  September 2017
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ISBN-10:  1501124021
ISBN-13:  978-1501124020

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Winner of the Axiom Business Book Award for 2018

"Mr. Dalio has long been an object of fascination. . . . His new book is more significant than the original list of principles: It is part memoir, part how-to guide. It is a deeply personal story, with Mr. Dalio wading into how he started his firm in 1975, internal conflicts inside the company, and strife early on in his career. The book is both instructive and surprisingly moving. . . . Underneath what may seem like a clinical, emotionless approach is something different and far more poignant: Mr. Dalio is preaching for individuals to have a sense of humility and introspection, an ability to open themselves to appreciate pointed criticism and use it to improve."
-The New York Times 

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Dalio, Ray
Ray Dalio is the founder and co-chairman of Bridgewater Associates, which, over the last forty years, has become the largest and best performing hedge fund in the world. Dalio has appeared on the Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world as well as the Bloomberg Markets list of the 50 most influential people. He lives with his family in Connecticut. 

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