Daughter of Empire
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Daughter of Empire (Kartoniert)

Life as a Mountbatten

von Hicks, Pamela

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A magical memoir about childhood in India by the daughter of Lord Louis and Edwina Mountbatten; a glimpse into the lives and loves of some of the 20th century's leading figures.

Pamela Mountbatten was born at the end of the 1920s into one of Britain's grandest families. The daughter of Lord Louis Mountbatten and his glamorous wife Edwina Ashley, she was brought up by nannies and governesses as she was often parted from her parents as they dutifully carried out their public roles. A solitary child, she learned to occupy her days lost in a book, riding or playing with the family's animals (which included at different times a honey bear, chameleons, a bush baby, two wallabies, a lion, a mongoose and a coati mundi). Her parents' vast social circle included royalty, film stars, senior service officers, politicians and celebrities. Noel Coward invited Pamela to watch him filming; Douglas Fairbanks Jr. dropped in for tea and Churchill would call for 'a word with Dickie'.

After the war, Pamela truly came of age in India, while her parents were the Last Viceroy and Vicereine. This introduction to the country would start a life-long love affair with the people and the place. 

Medium:  Buch
Seiten:  272
Format:  Kartoniert
Sprache:  Englisch
Erschienen:  November 2013
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› Hicks, Pamela
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› Orion Publishing Co
Maße:  144 x 197 mm
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ISBN-10:  178022284X
ISBN-13:  978-1780222844

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This sharply observed and often funny memoir offers an intimate insight into historical events of the 20th century Jane Shilling DAILY MAIL 20170310 

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Hicks, Pamela
The daughter of Lord Louis and Edwina Mountbatten, Lady Pamela Hicks was Lady in Waiting to the Queen both when she was a princess and following her coronation. In the 1960s she married the flamboyant designer David Hicks who became internationally celebrated. DAUGHTER OF EMPIRE is Lady Pamela Hicks' second book, her first, INDIA REMEMBERED - an illustrated account of the Mountbattens during the Transfer of Power was published in 2007. 

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